Dear Hollywood...

Movies like Cloverfield, Sweeney Todd and Juno are helping to restore my faith in the movie industry.

Movies like Meet the Spartans are not.  Please stop making them.

Good luck finding someone who can even come close to matching Heath Ledger, one of the best actors ever.  RIP Heath.

I love video games to death, but they do NOT need to be made into movies.

There are more things to be said, but there are people out there who can say them better than I can.  Cheers, and here's to a good '08.


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dammit Nintendo....

I took a break while doing some homework to go to the official Smash Bros. Brawl website off of a whim, and found out that the game has been delayed YET AGAIN.  This time until March 9th.

Yes, I'm well aware that Nintendo has been notorious for delaying games because they weren't happy with them.  I'm also all for delaying the game if it means that it will be better and more fun to play.

That doesn't mean I'm not at least a little disappointed...given that this was originally supposed to be out December 3rd, and it was getting so close to the first delayed date of February 10th...

Oh well, the silver lining that I can take from this news is that a) I will have more time to work on FFIV DS and No More Heroes and b) I'll be saving myself $50 during a week that I also plan on buying Professor Layton and Apollo Justice (whose release date was actually pushed FORWARD...hint hint Nintendo).


At the risk of sounding more and more like someone with no life, I'll shut up now.
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no labor on Labor Day

ah, finally a weekday where I didn't have to get up early~

School has been pretty enjoyable for me so far.  Once I got my issue with my Japanese straightened out, there hasn't been anything to stress me out (that'll be later in the semester).  All of my classes have been pretty easygoing with just a quiz here and there, and my Meteorology lab doesn't even start until the 14th.  Quite nice compared to my past semesters. ^^;;

The only thing worrying me some is money, but that's normal, so it isn't a pressing issue.

Well, since I have no school or work, I figure I'll kick back by playing some Wii Sports, then I'll start watching the episodes off of the Heroes boxset I bought on Friday.  Waiiii~

$*@#ing bus system

My first day back at State, class-wise was fine.  I got to both classes on time, got the usual first-day routine, got the syllabuses.  No problems there.

No, my beef today was with the Wolfline buses.

Since I have a huuuuuge break (5 1/2 hours) between English and Meteorology, I decided to take the bus to Richard's apartment on Gorman to eat lunch with him and chill until he had to go to work at 2:30.  No problems there, I had a nice time talking with him and I left the apartment about 5 minutes after he did to catch the bus back to main campus, where I would then catch another route to swing by my dad's office to talk to him for a bit and print out my notes for Meteorology (my printer was being a prick and wouldn't print correctly).  Then around 3:45 I'd head back to main campus to go to class.

I walked out to the bus stop at 2:15.
The bus didn't come until 2:50.  To add insult to injury, THREE of the same bus came within 5 minutes of each other.  So, when I'd been hoping to be at main campus by 2:30, I now arrived at 3.  But, I did still have enough time to catch the bus to Centennial to print out my notes and spend a little time with dad, although not as much as I had planned.  I decided to chance it.

This decision ended up being a disaster.  For one thing, the route I was taking (Southeast Loop) came 10 minutes late...and then when we were finally on the bus, it proceeded to break down no less than FOUR times...the last time for good on centennial parkway.  I walked to Centennial, had about 5 minutes to print my notes, and then had my dad drive me back to main campus.

I know I should really be expecting things like this by now...the first few weeks are terrible getting around campus.  Way too many people think they can drive to their next class instead of walking or taking the bus (WRONG), and bus drivers are getting adjusted to the swing of things.  However, this does not mean that I should have to wait 30 minutes for a bus, and as for mechanical issues...the buses this year are brand-new.  No excuses for that one.

The one thing that made my journey at least a little humorous was this little quote from the bus driver when the bus broke down for the final time:

"Sorry guys, this bus ain't stayin crunk so we'll have to get another one."

that time of year again...

Time for me to get prepared for classes once again...*sigh*  I hate how stressful the beginning of the semester always is for me.  Books and tuition to pay for, changing my work schedule, getting used to waking up early again...ugh.  I've already had to change my work schedule twice and will probably end up changing it for a THIRD time because of things that have come up just in the last week. 

I'm taking 10 hours this semester to prepare myself for diving back full-time into the fray spring semester.  I'm only working 20 hours a week now, but I'm a little worried that it's still too much...the classes I'm taking are all different and time-consuming in their own little ways.  All I know is that I'll be buuuusy.  here's my class schedule:

Mondays: ENG 221, MEA 130
Tuesdays: FLJ 301
Wednesdays: ENG 221, MEA 130
Thursdays: FLJ 301
Fridays: ENG 221, MEA 135

So, yep.  A literature class, a science class with a lab, and my 3rd level Japanese.  Please pray for me~

To close, a meme I found from sakura_merquise.  Doing it mostly just b/c I'm bored and I thought people might find it interesting.

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An interesting trip

Just got back Tuesday afternoon from a 2-day trip to New Bern with Richard.  Can't say I was bored there that's for sure ^^;;

While we were there, his parents picked up a bunch of alcohol for us because he told them I hadn't had any in awhile.  I still haven't had any yet b/c Richard had a seizure later on that evening, which scared the hell out of his brothers and me.  I had to drive him back to his parents' place so he could get some sleep. 

The next day, we ate breakfast in downtown New Bern and walked around for awhile.  We stopped so he could get an oil change and a car wash, and then we drove home.  On the way back, he surprised me greatly by giving me a promise ring.  *happy happy*

Unfortunately, the ring is too big, so we'll have to get it resized.  Not like it's a big deal though.

I haven't seen Harry Potter yet *I had to work last night*, but I'm planning to see it pretty soon.  If it comes anywhere close to Transformers, I'll be happy.  Same for Deathly Hallows.

After seeing what Nintendo had to offer at E3, I know at least 5 games I'll be preordering.  Phantom Hourglass, Smash bros. Brawl, Super Mario Galaxy, Wii Fit and Mario Kart Wii will drain me of my dinero. Damn you Iwata and Miyamoto.

Weekend happenings

Thursday: Did nothing all day until Richard and Aaron picked me up to go see Pirates 3 at North Hills at 9:15, mostly b/c they had more screenings than Crossroads did.  Although a lot of people have slammed the movie for being too long, there actually weren't really any parts where I thought the movie dragged on.  I actually enjoyed this one more than Dead Man's Chest.

Friday-Saturday:  Well, turned out I was able to go both Friday and Saturday after all <3.  I had a lot of fun while I was there; I saw a lot of people I haven't seen in awhile, saw some nice costumes and music videos, witnessed a cute moment at the opening ceremonies (awwww, Satsuki Yukino was soooo cute~), and of course raided the dealer's room once again.  Right now, I'm having a fun time trying to practice my Nihongo playing the Japanese release of FFXII: Revenant Wings, and snuggling with my Light plushie =3

Sunday: I had work in the morning, so couldn't go to the con today...so after work I did nothing but finish cleaning my room to prepare for my grandparents staying to attend Andrew's graduation.
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I really should be asleep...

I have an exam at 9 am tomorrow, but I am defying logic and staying awake for now.

I may be tired as hell come tomorrow night at work, but hey. When you have the rest of the week off from work, great weather, and a brand spankin' new Wii to play, it won't matter too much. =)

just gonna relax....

Normally, I'd be a little upset that work only gave me 12 hours this week. Normally.

BUT, last week was spring break for all the lovely Wake County young'uns...which spelled out long nights and much frustrations among Target employees everywhere. So instead of looking at it as getting no money, I think I'll take it as a mini-vacation of some sort. This week I have time to:

1) Go over to State when I don't have class and figure out what classes I'll be taking next semester;

2) Get further in the DS games that I have neglected lately due to having no time;

3) Use some of the gift cards I received over Christmas (finally);

4) Work on my kanji database project;

5) Watch a lot of the new Japan spring animes

6) Spend quality time with Richard...no bitching about work, just enjoying our time together and doing fun things.

Yep, this week looks to be a good one.

EDIT: Well, getting sick and calling out for 6 of those 12 hours doesn't really make me feel better....grrrr.